Nerd Street

Welcome nerds. You write for eight years and you accumulate some technical debt. In the first decade of my career I had a lot to learn and had to find my way. This next decade is going to start a little different. Much like binders of ancient worksheets, sometimes the best course of action is to throw a bunch of things away.

Every summer I do a lot of simplication. Also there are a lot more, things, that demand montly subscriptions in 2019 than in 2011. Squarespace, my previous platform, has grown to serve a different market. Mainly people with capital ventures that can afford the ever rising monthly prices. Once upon a time my plan was $8/month, then it became $18/month.

This tiny is more what I’m after and it’s $5/month.

I’m not doing long form anymore. Aiming for a 200 words or less kind of vibe. That’s all anyone has time to read anymore anyway.

Whatever classroom resources I still want to share will reappear. Many are very old and out of line with how I would do things now, so they need to go away.

To new beginnings! 🍾

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