Flat Line

AP score day, year 5. Things are…not great. In general, AB kids don’t pass and struggle to get a 2. BC kids are 50/50 with 1s and 2s and a couple of them are able to pass on the AB subscore. This chart is the 5 year history of my scores. AB subscores are incorporated into the 2018 and 2019 numbers. BC kids seem to be the only ones capable of making a dent on AB.

The fun thing is 2018 was two weeks shorter because of a hurricane and it doesn’t seem to have mattered. Perplexing. It’s the volume of 1s that I can’t really understand.

I know people mean well when they offer suggestions. I’m already doing most of what gets suggested and this is still the result. Or the suggestion involves doing more work when I already do tons of work. Maybe in 5 more years?

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