My Favorite 2019

Rarely do we get to say our school is the best at something. But I would argue at great length that we have the best chapter of National Honor Society in our district. My assumption of sponsorship was an accident of being on campus last summer the day the previous sponsor had elected to resign and change districts. I’ve always be tangential to Honor Society activities. I knew a lot of the kids and drove them on a bus to events from time to time.

Knowing only vague things about how the chapter worked, but knowing I would need help to run it, my principal recruited our AP US History teacher to co-sponsor with me and we hit the ground running. She found things for us to do and I ran the money. One thing the previous sponsor started that we thought should stay was doing as many big group events as possible. Often NHS is an individual effort (or extremely minimal effort like my personal experience) and there’s no sense of community. I’m all about a sense of community. Throughout the year our group of 56 completed 30 service events, racking up over 2000 hours of volunteering, and took in $11,000 worth of fundraising. In May we welcomed 45 new members to the group bringing us up to 75 for 19-20. Fantastic enthusiasm start to finish and one of the best spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made.

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