Random Policies

New school years always drive a lot of thought. Practices to reconsider or thinking about what makes your classroom your classroom. In no particular order, some policies I try to follow.

  • kids are the focus of the room design: easy access to supplies, space to work, and space to walk around
  • kids are given a significant amount of time to work and discuss with each other
  • kids are free to discuss whatever they like, often I will engage with them, only the tiniest number of topics are off limits (no negative discusson of school staff mostly)
  • kids are still responsible for accomplishing our goal for the day
  • kids are respected as adults and are entitled to a calm discussion in the case of an issue (unless a direct threat is made to me, which has never happened)
  • kids are trusted in the event of an issue unless some tangible evidence suggests otherwise (hearsay isn’t good enough)
  • never complain about staff in front of kids
  • try to understand the administration/big picture point of view when it comes to an inconvenience
  • if an email is going to be longer than a couple sentences, go talk to the person face to face instead
  • have a good relationship with support staff (bookkeeper, admin assistants, etc)
  • if you have an idea you’d like to present to administration, act like it’s been approved and demonstrate you’ve thought about the implementation details before the meeting
  • if you get an idea approved by administration, follow through
  • keep track of appraisal type stuff as you do it (lessons, e-mails, notes home, etc)
  • if you don’t like a procedure/assignment, change it, you aren’t married to anything
  • purge your archives from time to time
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