Fill for Time

My first couple of summers I really loved all the free time. Then like 5-6 years ago I found it more of a burden. I don’t idle very well. For three summers I did an enrichment program at school called Varsity Math Summer Camp. This summer there was some logistic issues so I filled the void in other ways.

  • late May: went west to a neighboring district and taught some Desmos sessions all day, good crowds
  • early June: went even further west on a week long LA college tour with 80 Houston area students and chaperones to explore options kids don’t consider and to hear from students who have succeeded with similar backgrounds (non-white, financially constrained)
  • mid June: worked our local Strength and Conditioning camp for athletes of all types, Texas lets you do non-specific workouts in the summer, so four days a week kids can come to school to exercise and get lunch
  • late June: went to ISTE in Philadelphia with a big group from the district, there were a few interesting things but large scale conferences just have too much going on
  • mid July: drove to CAMT for the day to deliver an IGNITE on the factors that impact our AP Math program and how we’ve addressed them, a video was made and will be available one day
  • more mid July: a session on grit in the classroom as part of our ongoing GT (gifted & talented) requirements
  • late July: coaching school at our convention center downtown, another massive conferences centered on athletics, some interesting parallels in what people are really after at huge conferences (education: “can I get your worksheets?” coaching: “can I get your drills?”)
  • later July: volleyball season has started, with freshman camp wrapping up today and tryouts in two days

I liked it. A good balance between travel, school related projects, and still enough time to take care of chores I’d been ignoring (my house is SO clean).

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