I heavily avoid negative things in public spaces but sometimes, geez. I was just not feeling it. It was incredibly hard to not let cynicism drive me. In no particular order:

  • when you gather enough responsibilities, there are moments when you really don’t get time to take care of what you need
  • people make assumptions that juggling all these responsibilities and being a decent teacher happens like magic
  • my teaching preps have become so niche that I don’t get a lot out of district level staff development, I’ve been a party of one for years
  • sooooooooo many people are satisfied with being given a binder to tell them what to do
  • discussing math subjects in terms of units and tests is so terrible, we haven’t progressed this culture at all?
  • what good is an LMS if it’s just a landing page for the PDFs people used to keep in a binder? or videos of lecture?
  • asking me to personalize AP Calc is asking me to grind out a ton of stuff myself, the existing resources are not what I would define as appropriate for this task

Among other things. To counter it, there are always positives:

  • working with kids is great
  • being a part of our volleyball program is great, it’s a lot of work but the girls are hilarious
  • a long term personal project has really bloomed in the last year and a half
  • our honor society volunteers are ridiculously good at what they do

The struggle is real, old and new teacher alike. In my experience these low days are always quickly countered with great ones.

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