They Remember

If you have an agreeable teaching situation, I highly recommend staying there as long as possible. There are some interesting dividends that have been kicking in now that I’ve been in the same place for eleven years. For a variety of reasons, people don’t stay long at any one school. At present, about 24% of our staff was here when I started. Is that common? I don’t know.

But the fascinating part is seeing what random bits from the past resurface. I’m somewhere between 1300-1500 students in at this point. At least a couple of times a year a random one will either reach out to me or post something about a thing I did once upon a time. In some cases it’s silly Baby Shark references, requests for college help, and then there are the ones that really get you. There have been a lot of instances where a kid needed someone to listen and I happened to be the one listening. It is deeply humbling to have them reference it years and years later, like it was yesterday. In a long career, one student can blend into the thousands you’ll see. But that one student only had so many math teachers. You have no idea what they’ll take with them when they move on. If you have an opportunity to make a silly memory or listen when the time is right, seize it.

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